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PokerTracker Software, LLC.
The long awaited PokerTracker 4 software is due to hit the shops soon and PokerStrategists can test out the beta version to get an idea of what to expect before general release. The new generation of software includes a plethora of new cutting edge features, and according to PokerTracker "will retain the raw power of customizable statistics and reports while being simple enough to use out of the box."
Daily Rewind
February 20, 2012
Stats are available on all aspects of the game, from a players’ 3-bet ratio to the amount of times he folds to a donk-bet on the turn. By comparing stats against thousands of winning players, and understanding those stats correctly, customers can better assess their leaks and, theoretically at least,  improve their play.
Philip Conneller
August 28, 2014